Wolmyeongdong[edit | edit source]

Wolmyeongdong, "Wol Myeong Dong" or "Wolmyeong dong", is a worship and recreation center in Chungnam Province, South Korea. It is also known as the Recreation Center of the Christian Gospel Mission (CGM).

Development of Wolmyeongdong began in the early 1990's and was led by the Providence founder Jung Myung Seok. Although construction presently continues, visitors are free to come and go as they please. It has attracted tourists from several countries. It was built with a design in mind that would not damage nature but vitalize nature’s beauty as much as possible.

As a recreation center, Wolmyeongdong contains various hiking and walking trails, an art gallery, a Rock Museum, a sports field, natural spring water, and various other amenities. However, since it is also a temple in nature that has been dedicated to the Holy Trinity, statues of the Holy Son can be seen around the sports field.

Ariel view of Wolmyeongdong during the spring

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