A rock museum surrounds the sports field in Wolmyeongdong. Although the rock museum contains many of the image boulders in Wolmyeongdong, other image boulders can be discovered along the hiking trails that extend from the sports field.

The Cheetah Boulder Edit

On top of the Cheetah Boulder, there is a statue of a cheetah. If you look at the actual boulder closely, then you can see that it is in the shape of a cheetah's head. The left-side of the cheetah's face can be seen.

The Holy Spirit Boulder Edit


This rock symbolizes the Holy Spirit. When it was originally bought, the boulder was upside down, so its current image was difficult to see. However, when Pastor Jung Myung Seok and his disciples were lifting it up with a crane, they saw the image of a woman's face with long hair. After properly orienting the boulder, the boulder was dedicated to the Holy Spirit, so that whenever people walked past this boulder, they could remember the Holy Spirit.

The Great Stone Face Edit


The Great Stone Face contains many images of a person's face seen at different angles. The most popular image is shown to the right. Legends of this Great Stone Face boulder foretells of the coming of a great person who will come to save the world.

The Prayer Boulder Edit

This boulder was discovered and unearthed at the same time the Great Stone Face was unearthed.

The Holy Son Boulder Edit


The Holy Son Boulder contains seven images--the image of a human eagle, a right-side of a cheetah's face, a phantom jet, the Holy Spirit (similar to the Holy Spirit Boulder), a holy foot, and two images of a divine being's face.

Other Boulders Edit

There are other boulders that exist within the rock museum. Even though they do not contain any special images, the stories the rocks hold as well as the moral behind those stories are precious lessons that teach about Heaven.

Here is a list of other boulders:

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