Friday, September 14, 2012

Starting from October 22, 2012, the Second Wolmyeongdong Rock Gem Festival is going to be held for a month at the Wolmyeongdong Natural Recreation Center by the Christian Gospel Missionary (head chairman: Pastor Jung Myung Seok).

The Rock Gem Festival, which started in 2011, had over 40,000 visitors during the first festival and is set as an annual event along with the Wolmyeongdong Flower Flower Festival, which begins in May, 2011.

The Wolmyeongdong Natural Recreation Center, located at the clear zone of Choongnam Kuemsan Gun Jinsan Myung, was built with a design that did not damage nature but vitalize its beauty as much as possible. Its unique feature is the rock landscape that was built with Chairman Jung’s megalithic landscaping construction method.

A person from the rock festival organizing committee conveyed the purpose of the festival saying, “If you think of the time from the birth of the universe to the creation of Earth, in a way, it takes 13 billion years for a rock to be made. So we try to think about how our lives have that much value and dignity, just like how God has been shaping nature until each rock has become its current figure.” 

This event is planned to prepare various programs to think about the value of life while seeing not only the trail, which is in harmony with the pine trees and other various kinds of trees, but also the rocks that show nature’s natural beauty as the way it is.

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